All Lalaby cashmere products are made in Nepal.

Cashmere is one of the finest fabrics nature has to offer, and its softness makes it a favourite among all ages and genders.

 Cashmere can be worn in any climate and season, due to its great insulation properties. This adaptability is due to its origins, the cashmere goat, and their natural habitat in the cold mountain air.

The goats have an exceptionally soft undercoat that is collected during spring when the sheep shed their winter-wool.

We are proud working with this exclusive fiber, and we hope that you and your little ones will love it as much as we do.

All cashmere, no matter how good the quality, tend to pill when you start using them. The pilling occurs because the shorter fibers of the wool find their way to the surface of the fabric when the garment is worn and rubbed against itself or other garments.

We recommend that you make it a habit to remove the pills after washing with a clothing brush or a sweater stone: Lay your cashmere flat, gently pass the knitwear brush over the fibres, and the pills will be picked up. Over time, the pilling will decrease.

You will also find that cashmere improves with age, if cared for properly.


Did you know?

..we gladly help you with a cashmere repair. If you accidentally get a hole in your favourite Lalaby cashmere product, just contact us at and we will help you repair it, free of charge. Please include an image and a description in your email. 




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